Yesterday I was in Pitang agile IT Company, here in Recife (Brazil). In a meeting with others knowing the company and processes used there. As a Software Engineer I was enjoying everything that I saw. They have grouped methodologies like Scrum, Extreme Programing (XP) and others to agile software development process.


Tools like Git, IBM Rational Team Concert and Microsoft Team Foundation Server are used by multiple teams, strengths and weaknesses of each one was discussed too, in a short way because was not the focus of the meeting.

Because this conversation I see how big is the world of software development today, me and others have listed a group of methods and practices that we use in our projects everyday. For my surprise I saw that I’m in a very good path about this topics, some techniques still in use and keeping bringing good results to everyone who are using it.

One thing to say is that The Lean Startup book contains valuable ideas for agile development, from small delivers to DevOps philosophy, passing by Minimum Viable Product (MVP) concept.


Achieve certifications like CMMI, ITIL and Cobit are challenges and part of the needs of companies and Startups in moderns days. The knowledge is very rewarding for those who are persistent and know where want to go.

I don’t had the chance to see how are they using new technologies like ES6 and frameworks like Laravel, VueJs, Spring and any other. Well this will be for some other day.

And you, are using some Agile Method? Achieve some results by using it? Let me know in the comments.


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